Monday, November 2, 2009

You know what they say about "Great Minds"

So I was struck a little off my guard today when I saw the poster for James Cameron's new movie Avatar. It looks amazing. He's a great director of course. But I was struck because for a moment I thought I was staring right at the "blue goddess" image that had been the iconic mark of yes, none other than my thesis film, Speak Heaven. Hmmm, James Cameron? Yet another ridiculously high profile director's work some odd coincidence, somewhat resembles my own?

There must be a reason this caught my eye, so I looked for an inspiration in it. And in researching Cameron's journey to the top I discovered much! Apparently James Cameron dropped out of college and after a few years quit his job apparently to spend his meager savings on experimental film equipment while browsing books in the USC library about film technology. Self taught! And he made his own short, showed it to the right person and through his talent, began working as a production designer. What struck me as encouraging was that he was uncertain and clearly had no money and no reputation or experience but somehow just from the love of what he wanted to do...the inspiration...pulled through!
He sold his script for Terminator for only 1 dollar to the only studio that would allow him to direct it....that means he was broke, right? basically...yet turned down potentially $120,000 from the studios that would buy his script....just so he could direct it.

Nice to know that people out there are still able to become successful and ridiculously wealthy...not by being "in it for the money", cut throat bottom line, and out for themselves....but by simply following their passions.

So I'm doing just the same thing aren't I? I've quit my job(s) and am using my meager savings to buy film equipment, starting with a computer and software...and I already have my short film just waiting to bust at the scene!

And meantime, it's still reassuring to know that great minds think alike....and to see the ones that keep comin up on the same page as I am....

It's also worth noting....Avatar was truly an amazingly beautiful piece of cinema with a profound underlying story that truly spoke to me of the human potential for tolerance, love and re-establishing connection within themselves and with Nature. My hat is off to you, Mr.Cameron.