Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My So Called Film Failure

I've spent two years creating my short 15 minute thesis film Speak Heaven. When I started out, I meant it from the bottom of my soul. It had intricacy and depth and spoke, I thought, on deep levels meant to stir you. But after screening it to University faculty and film colleagues, none of whom seemed the least bit phased by it, I thought, "Wow, nobody gets it. I guess I failed on this one. Maybe it sucks?" After all, after stickin your nose in a film for two years straight one can never be too sure of what they've really got anymore. That's why you screen and ask for opinions.

Then the other night perfect strangers came up to me who had seen the film during an educational screening. They knew who I was without me even saying anything. "Wow! You're the girl that made that film??"And to my complete shock, not one but two people who have seen the film confessed that it moved them to tears. One of the ladies after pouring accolades upon it for about 15 minutes said to me, "Ya know, really, I couldn't believe it, I cried from the beginning all the way to the end, all the way through the whole movie! ...it was beautiful" Another lady insisted I show it at film festivals because the world needed to see it...she even offered to be my personal "Confidence Coach."

Hm. What more could a filmmaker hope for?